Building a new home can feel overwhelming. It's a big, complicated project that requires planning and thousands of decisions.

The Livable House is your best resource for understanding each step, anticipating the questions you'll be asked, and being prepared for changes and uncertainties.

The Complete Guide is based on the real-world experiences of building professionals and homeowners. We do not accept sponsorships or promotions from third parties.

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Download and print documents that help you stay organized and work efficiently with builders. 

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Learn quickly with short videos that explain each phase of construction and what you can expect.

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The guides are full of real-world photos and diagrams from construction projects.

What to Expect from the Complete Guide (coming soon)

✅ Learn how to work with architects, builders, and others to plan and build a home that works for your budget and lifestyle.

✅ Get battle-tested tips, advice, and direction from experienced professionals and homeowners who have seen it all.

✅ Understand contemporary building materials and techniques with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.  

✅ Download documents and checklists to get a head start on budgets, room planning, and more.

✅ Watch videos that explain the construction process.

Who Is This Guy?

Lee LeFever is a professional explainer and co-founder of Common Craft. Since 2007, he has worked with brands like Google, Intel, LEGO, Microsoft, and Dropbox to explain their products. His first book, The Art of Explanation, has been translated into eight languages and his explainer videos have earned over 50 million views online.

Here at The Livable House, Lee combines his experience and passion for home construction with his skills as an explainer and media creator. As you'll see, he makes learning easy and enjoyable via clear communication.

The Complete Guide is getting its finishing touches and will arrive soon.

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